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Energy Savings Through the Roof!

We spend so little time in our attics that we often forget about them. But from an energy-saving perspective, your attic is prime real estate.

Simpson Salute provides complete attic insulation services to help you maximize your long-term energy savings. Whether your attic has poor insulation or none at all, we’ll work our magic to make your home more efficient and comfier all year long.

What Are the Benefits of Attic Insulation?

  • Lower energy bills. Insulation not only prevents warm or cool air from escaping your home, but it also prevents your HVAC equipment from overworking itself. According to The U.S. Department of Energy, on average, you can save up to 20% on your home’s heating and cooling costs by adding insulation to your attic.
  • Reduces hot and cold spots in your home.
  • Prevents outdoor airborne pollutants from negatively impacting your indoor air quality.
  • Increases your home’s value.
  • Creates more living space. You can use your attic for so much more than just storage!
  • Helps prevent pest infestations.
  • Keeps your home quieter by reducing outdoor noise.
  • Helps prevent structural damage from water and moisture.
  • Helps prolong the life of your roof.

We use quality materials and know how to ensure a flawless job from start to finish. We’re a fully licensed, certified and insured company that’s ready to help you maximize your comfort and long-term energy savings. We’ll transform your attic from a damp, cold space to an exciting home enhancement!

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Ready to turn your attic into an energy-saving machine? We’ll be happy to walk through your attic and provide a more personalized glimpse into how we can help you save money and make your home more comfortable for many years to come.

We provide attic insulation services across the Tuscarawas Valley, including:

  • New Philadelphia, OH
  • Dover, OH
  • Sugarcreek, OH
  • …And throughout our service area.

To request a consultation for your home or business, contact us online or call Simpson Salute at 330.339.1177 today.


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